Making Redundancies

If you are in the unfortunate position of making redundancies, we do not envy you.

Emotions can run high, and things may get heated, it is not a nice process for anyone to have to go through and can be tough on all concerned: The employer who must make the decision and the employee that is on the receiving end of that decision.

Get professional advice from a solicitor

If you are an employer who must start making redundancies, we suggest getting expert advice from a solicitor that specialises in redundancies and settlement agreements.

A good solicitor will be able to help and guide you through the redundancy process, and ensure you have a process in place that is well thought out and executed correctly. Ensuring all your employees are treated the same and fairly must be paramount to any redundancy plan.

Many are facing redundancy at the moment

In the current climate, many people are unfortunately facing redundancy at the moment. If you are sadly one of these people your employer should have a consultation with you about this before actually serving you your redundancy. All options should be explored between you and your employer, if these are not you could have a claim that may need to be explored.

If your employer is making redundancies, you should be entitled to certain things, these include Time to find a new job, a notice period, and redundancy pay. Your employer may ask you to sign a settlement agreement, once this agreement is signed no further claims can be made against them.

Two ladies sitting at a desk having a meeting

A good solicitor should be able to give you professional and clear advice on being treated fairly during the process of redundancies.