Uses and Benefits of a Touch Screen Monitor

Uses of a touch screen monitor

Technology has been developing at a rapid rate over the years. This advancement in technology has created some innovative ideas to shape the future. A touch screen monitor and interactive whiteboards are the result of such technological advancements.


A touch screen monitor and an interactive whiteboard are very different from each other. Although there are some similarities in both of them, they differ in uses and application. Touch screen monitor are generally used for personal activities or in offices. On the other hand, interactive whiteboards are mostly used in schools and colleges for a higher standard of education.

Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboards

· It fosters learning to a great extent. The visual display helps a person to absorb information better than just audio sessions. It therefore enhances preservation and synthesis of information.

· It also increases participation of the students or office employees. Since images from interactive whiteboards can be saved and printed, attendees concentrate fully on the presentation and discussion.

· It also aids in preserving data. The information projected on these boards comes from a connected computer. This means whatever changes are done on the whiteboards, are recorded directly to the hard drive of the computer. The altered or corrected information can be easily obtained later form the hard disk of the connected computer.

Benefits of Using a Touch Screen Monitor

· One benefit is that a touch screen PC allows you to avoid the conventional interfaces. Such interfaces include usage of keyboards and mouse. The touch screen allows you to get the job done by simply touching icons. The touch screen interface requires less concentration than a mouse or keyboard.

· The touch screen technology also increases the speed of tasks. With a mouse, a user has to lose some time locating the cursor. The touch screen interface does not require so and therefore saves time and fosters speed.

· Touch screen computers are much sleeker in design. The combination of data entry method with the display reduces the overall size of the computers. Thus, it also saves you space for other accommodations including a touch screen monitor.